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Google Photos Get Exciting New Editing Features

Google Photos Lighting

The Google Photos app is a companion for many users on most Android smartphones. Because it is not only possible to view and sort your recordings, the app also masters some essential image processing functions. These are now being expanded.

The Californian search engine giant announced and presented new functions for the editor of the Google Photos app in a blog post. In it, Product Manager Zachary Senzer writes that the app is already making various helpful suggestions on how to improve your images. These include brightness and rotation, and recordings can also be archived automatically.

Google now wants to expand on the idea of ​​a simple but powerful editor. For example, other comparable functions will be added to the already known more-than-just filters such as automatic optimization or Color Pop (background becomes black and white). As it says in the text, Google wants to help users to make their portraits, landscapes, sunsets, and more even more effective.

The user should also have an improved way of seeing what a particular change has actually made. All of this runs under the category “One-Tap Improvements”, but the app also gets extended manual setting options for brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, and more.

“Smart” lighting

Also, Google is launching a new feature called Portrait Light. With the help of machine learning, the lighting is improved in portrait shots, according to the user’s wishes. Because you can “specify” the light source or direction with your finger and the face is adapted accordingly. The feature will initially only be available for Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5, with other Pixel models to follow. It is not known whether and when non-Google smartphones will also receive Portrait Light.

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