Google Photos gets an update with two latest AI features that will help you organize your library

Google revealed two new AI-powered capabilities for the Photos app in an official blog. Users may better organize and tidy their libraries with the aid of these AI-powered Google Photos tools. With our smartphones, we take a lot of pictures, movies, and screenshots, and the library can easily fill up too soon with duplicate screenshots and images. The goal of Google Photos’ two new AI features is to help consumers clear out unnecessary clutter.

A new feature dubbed “Photo Stack” is being released by Google Photos with the intention of helping users who shoot a lot of pictures with a significant issue. With the help of the ‘Photo Stack’ function, Google Photos may automatically select and combine images that are similar from all your images that it considers to be the best choices. Don’t worry, if you change your mind about any of the photographs in the collection, Photo Stacks allows you to adjust the stacks that are created automatically. You also have the choice to turn off the feature if you don’t like it.

The functionalities of Google Photos AI are becoming available for iOS and Android users

Better screenshot and document photo management is another benefit of the most recent Google Photos release. Google says on its official blog that the Photos app will classify and identify comparable screenshots and document images in your gallery using artificial intelligence. After that, Google Photos will group photos into distinct albums in your gallery for things like IDs, event details, and receipts.

Google Photos also adds features to the calendar, such as concert times, by gathering information from the photos in your gallery. This allows it to add reminders and other information. Additionally, users will have the choice to automatically archive the documents and screenshots after 30 days. Both Android and iOS users can utilize the two new Google Photos AI features: screenshot management and photo stacking.

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