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Google Photos Integrated With Google Lens For Smarter Access

Google photos lens

It was reported a few years ago but things didn’t synchronize properly earlier, Google has updated its photo storage service to incorporate Google Lens smart image recognition. In the field of artificial intelligence, Google does offer its voice assistant, Google Assistant, but for images, the firm is also equipped with another tool called Google Lens.

Launched in 2017, Google Lens is an image recognition system used to recognize objects, scan text or a QR Code, automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network by pointing its label with the camera, or translate the elements of a restaurant menu.

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However, to take advantage of Google Lens on your smartphone, the procedure was not the easiest. While some manufacturers offer a dedicated menu in their own photo application, the easiest procedure until now was to launch Google Assistant on your smartphone and then press the dedicated icon.

Further Integration With Google Photos

To offer better integration of Google Lens into its own services, the Mountain View firm has however decided to go even further. As the Android Police site noted, Google has indeed updated Google Photos, its photo and video hosting and editing service, to automatically integrate Google Lens.

“Our readers have spotted some new tools when you press the Lens icon while looking at a photo on the Google Photos application says the specialized site.

Among the features noted by Android Police, we can notably mention text recognition. Thus, by analyzing an image from your smartphone, containing text, you will be able to translate it, read it or even transfer it automatically to a computer as soon as it is connected to the same Google account. It is also possible to buy a product recognized by Google Lens on the Internet or to discover similar images.

Concretely, this integration of Lens with Google Photos should allow more people to discover the functions offered by Google’s image recognition tool.