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Microsoft Edge to follow Google Chrome

Microsoft announced that the enterprise customers would be getting new innovations against rigorous planning and testing.

With the introduction of another new feature, it is more clear that Microsoft Edge is following its rival, Google Chrome. The new features would follow all that Chrome offers.

Google recently announced that in Q3 2021, and starting with Chrome 94, it will roll out major browser updates every four weeks, instead of the current six weeks. Microsoft announced it would also follow Google’s footsteps, adding:

For many, innovation can’t come fast enough! But that is not the case for all customers,

Particularly our enterprise customers, who manage complex environments and must balance delivering new innovations against rigorous planning and testing.

According to the source, Enterprise users of Microsoft Edge will have an Extended Stable option to bring new updates every eight weeks, but by default, the update cycle would remain the four-week. Furthermore, users opting for the Extended Stable option will get security updates every two weeks, which will handle the most important fixes.

The amendment would come with Edge 94, which is to be released in late September 2021.

Microsoft also recently announced that version 89 will support natural language search on the address bar, history search page, and the history hub. The company expects that these features will produce smarter and more accurate search results.

The company also said it would be removing the legacy version of the browser, which still comes with the preinstalled version of Windows 10, from the operating system.

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