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Google Pixel 2 can now export motion photos as GIFs via Google Photos

Google introduced a new feature in its flagship Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XLMotion Photos” the feature let users save motion phots similar to small video clips, but now Google has added a new functionality in it which lets users export their motion photos as GIFs using Google Photos.

You can now export GIFs to your Google Photos app with just one click, the new feature is easily accessible from the three-dot menu in Photos image viewer. From the menu you just have to click Export option and select from three available options, you can either choose to save motion photos as a still image, video or GIF. It also allows you to keep the image stabilization, however, the GIFs saved by the phone increases in size as compared to the original file. Because of the output resolution which is 1024X768 the GIF size could be two to four times larger.

Users can share their newly created GIFs to social media, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Google has been regularly updating its Pixel series, last year the phone got Android 8.1 update on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL, Google Pixel 2 also rated as the top third phone in the market according to Android PassMark rating.

Google is also mulling to release the new flagship Google Pixel 3 in 2018, the phone is expected to hit the markets in the middle of the year. Consumers have now high expectations from Google Pixel 3, it is said to have Android 9.0 version on it.

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