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Google Pixel 4 Review: No Ultrawide Lens, 2800mAh And Big Top Bezel Disappoints People

Pixel 4

Google Pixel phones have been under the radar for the past few months, Google has unveiled its new Pixel 4 series on October 15 and now they are available for preorders. However, Google Pixel 4 Without Ultrawide lens wasn’t expected by the fans.

There are 3 major shortcomings by Google which users were not expecting in this device, the first is the ultrawide camera lens which is becoming a norm over the past few months. Oppo has recently launched a Reno2 series which comes with quad-camera along with Ultrawide lens, the phone also captures videos with the Bokeh effect.

But, Google has avoided this important feature in the camera, secondly, Pixel 4 design goes back to 2016 designs where you find a bulky top bezel on the phone, it becomes true for Google Pixel 4, the front dual camera and earphone are sitting in the top bezel which is big enough.

Google has also provided a 2800mAh battery in this phone, which many analysts say is not enough in today’s latest handsets. The phones in 2019 mainly focus on offering a battery which is at least 3500mAh to 4000mAh if it has large display dual cameras, better processor and GPU. The Price Tag is another nightmare for users, Google offers $799 / £669 / AU$1,049 for the 64GB of storage model, while the 128GB Pixel 4 price is $899 / £769 / AU$1,199.

Now Google just has a couple of features to brag about, just the little tweaks in Cameras and photography and motion sensor which is already discussed in earlier reports.

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