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Google Pixel 6 Will Come With Custom Chip Whitechapel

Pixel 6 whitechapel

After Apple’s M1 chip was launched last year, many people speculated that Google would also launch its own customized chip. Of course, Google has many custom chips used internally, and the upcoming GS101 Whitechapel will be Google’s first commercial product. Judging from the currently leaked information covered by Android Authority and others, it has reached the mainstream SoC standards in terms of CPU/GPU.

First of all, the positioning of GS101 Whitechapel is not aimed at the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship chip. Its performance is equivalent to that of the sub-flagship Snapdragon 870, but it is manufactured using the latest 5nm process. As always, Google is using machine learning to extract as much profit as possible, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence applications.

Yogesh wrote in a tweet: “Well, yes, Whitechapel is a 5-nanometer chip. The current performance on the PVT unit is closer to the SD870. They did not try to match the SD888. Google’s focus is on ML, so the original AI Performance matches other leading mobile chips. In addition, Mali GPU performs well under pressure.”

In terms of graphics, Google may use the Mali G78 GPU, the same as Samsung used on its Galaxy S21, although with slightly fewer execution cores. This is not entirely surprising, because Samsung is rumored to be the company that makes this Google silicon chip. Even if it doesn’t have all the cores that the GPU theoretically supports, it is still a major upgrade compared to the Pixel 5’s Adreno 620 GPU.

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