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Google Pixel In Trouble: Key Employees Left The Google Smartphone Team

Pixel 4

For Google, it was obviously not pleased that the success of the current Android flagship As for pixels fourth There are said to have been some criticisms even before the launch, although the demand, which has so far fallen short of expectations, is said to have had consequences.

As reported by The Information, referring to discussions with Google employees, the management at the Internet company was not really convinced of the smartphone, which was actually designed as a blueprint for smartphones with Android 10, even before the introduction of Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL. That is why there was some skepticism early on, it is said.

According to the report, hardware boss Rick Osterloh was disappointed even before the market launch regarding the result of his team’s development work for the Pixel 4 smartphones. Among other things, the senior manager was disturbed by the limited battery capacity as well as other decisions regarding design and hardware equipment. At an internal meeting before the devices became available, Osterloh had already criticized this.

Important employees of the pixel system are out

In the meantime, some of the concerns have apparently been confirmed, because the smartphones of the Pixel 4 series do not sell as well as Google previously hoped. Internally, this, probably in combination with the skepticism of the management team towards the products, has apparently led to personnel consequences that have not yet become public. 

Two leading employees of the Google Pixel team have now left the company. On the one hand, this applies to Mario Queiroz, who has been working for Google since 2005 and was responsible for the Pixel team as General Manager. Queiroz is said to have left Google in February 2020, although he apparently was still responsible for the development of the Pixel 4a. The new mid-range device is expected in the next few weeks and will hopefully sell as well as the Pixel 3a, which is in high demand compared to the expensive flagship models.

The departure of Marc Levoy, who was one of the main people responsible for the work on the cameras used with the pixel smartphones, is likely to weigh much more heavily. Levoy is an expert in so-called computational photography, i.e. the software-based optimization of camera capabilities, which ensures very good photos with pixel smartphones – although the devices “traditionally” have fewer cameras than the smartphones from manufacturers such as Samsung or Huawei.