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Google Play Store new design starts rolling out

Google Play Store launches a new design: discover everything that changes.

at the end of last year, We announce the arrival of a major redesign to the web version of the Google Play Store, Google’s store of apps, games, and digital content. During the last months, this new interface has been available in a limited way in some countries, and Google had not given indications about its landing in other regions. Now, as we have been able to verify, the new Google Play Store design for the web has begun its rollout in a greater number of countries. The new Google Play Store interface is committed to larger graphic elements.

Google Play Store completely revamps its website

This is the first major redesign of Google Play in the last seven years and incorporates many of the changes that little by little has been added to Google’s visual language throughout all its services. In this way, we find larger graphic elements, much more white space, and the Google Sans font throughout the entire interface. navigation through the different categories of the store has been simplified, with five sections accessible from the top of the screen. Likewise, when downloading applications or games, there is the option to filter depending on the device type in which they are going to be installed.

The pages of the applications and games have also been renewed, and each of them has its own style. In the case of apps, we will see the icon along with relevant information, screenshots, and a new “Data Security” section that will allow you to see how the app in question uses the collected data. On the other hand, the pages of the games show a different style, with the title of the game and, just behind it, a trailer video of the game. The “Data Security” section is also present in this case. The rollout of the new Google Play Store design seems to be taking place gradually. In our case, we were able to activate it by opening the Google Play website via an incognito browser window, thereby preventing a cached version of Google Play from running. Be that as it may, in the next few days it should be available to all store users.

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