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Google Play Store will now display ads in search bar

Google’s mainstream business revolves around displaying advertisements over its various platforms. These ads are showing up everywhere including play store. With the latest advancement it seems like companies tend to display ads in a disappointing way.

As per information via 9to5Google, ads will now be displayed in Play store’s search bar. As usual you can search for needed information from the search bar but this time it’ll be showing some ads and sponsorships along with the required information.

Showing up ads in the search bar doesn’t make much sense when there are lots of ads showing over all along the platform. These ads aren’t just showing up there, but they are showing up right above your search queries. It seems like these ads are more important than providing a basic feature to the users.

However, this isn’t the first time Google is doing this, it has already tested this feature back in November 2022. As the company claimed them to be unpaid ads depicted to be organic content discovery spot instead. Although users have shared different screenshots that are providing evidence against Google’s earlier assertion.

For now this search bar is only displaying for AA team member that depicts this feature to be in its roll out phase. Although we hope for these ads to be shifted elsewhere to avoid the inconvenience that users are facing.

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