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Google PlayStore Now Updates With One Button

Update play Store Button

From now on you can Google Play Store on your Android smartphone upgrade easier! You no longer have to rummage through menus, you just need to press a button. However, the feature will be rolled out gradually.

You may be surprised that the Google Play Store can be updated at all. In fact, the Google app directory can be updated, but this has been relatively cumbersome so far. In the past, you had to rummage through the settings of the Play Store to do this.

Fortunately, Google has now made the update button much more accessible. Only the following two steps are necessary to keep what is probably the most important app on your mobile phone up to date:

  • Go to Settings and then Info.
  • Now tap on the Update Play Store button under the version number.

Simplified Update Process

Before this change, it was already possible to check for updates to the PlayStore. But that was anything but intuitive. One had to tap on the version number to start the verification. However, since Google hardly made public that this option existed, many PlayStores were out of date. This new, highly visible button is sure to get more people to update the PlayStore.

Incidentally, there are no new apps after the update – the lists are updated by Google and downloaded when you access your mobile phone. Instead, the new button comes in handy when there are new design changes or new features. Don’t be surprised if the new button is not yet visible in your Play Store. The function is currently being rolled out on Android 12, but also on some older versions. Did you know that the Google Play Store can be updated? And do you already have the new button in the app?

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