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Google Puts Offers Front & Center In The Play Store

Google used to tuck special offers away, hidden in the bowels of the Play Store behind your profile picture then inside the menu for offers and notifications. Well, no longer.This morning Google announced an all-new tab in the Play Store that puts offers front & center. It’ll be one of the things you see first when you launch the Play Store app. Unless you completely ignore the bottom tab bar. Inside you’ll find a bevy of “limited-time deals” that will come and go. So anyone looking to save a little scratch now and again will benefit from checking it every now and again.Perhaps once a week if you tend to buy apps or in-app-purchases often enough. The point being that since many of the offers won’t stick around forever, you’d hate to miss something you might actually find useful.

Play Store Offers are rolling out in waves

As is the case with many things from Google when it comes to app features, the offers tab isn’t available to everyone just yet. Google is rolling it out in waves but it has already started.Google says it’ll continue to roll the feature out over the next few weeks. However, the rollout is not global and will be limited to just a few regions for now. This includes the US, Indonesia, and India. Beyond that, Google’s plans for additional countries will span throughout the year.But the company makes no mention of when or where at this time. So if you’re not in one of the three countries listed above, you’ll just have to keep an eye out.

Here’s what you’ll generally find inside

If you don’t have the offers tab yet and you’re curious what it actually “offers” (I’m sorry), it seems to be the standard types of deals you might think Google would put up. From sales on games and apps and in-app purchases for both, to deals on movies, books, and TV, and even special bundles and rewards.Additionally, there’s a spot for discovering new apps and games that are offering trials and things like free access for 30 days.