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Google Search app new update has incognito browsing

Google Search app

Google is a very popular browser and many mobile users use Google app browser as their go to search option. Users prefer the web browsers privately but have always shown inclination towards Google search app instead of Safari or Chrome. Google Search app for iOS recently made a debut in the market which provides a very well thought out search experience. The new Google search app has an incognito mode. The incognito browsing is protected by TouchID and has a bunch of other changes.

Google Search app takes private browsing to new dynamics with Touch ID

TechCrunch reports that Google had previously been without the feature of private browsing. Many browsing apps have this feature but mobile users who relied on Google Search app did not, despite Google being popularly used by users on their iPhone.

Today the app is ranked higher than Google Chrome browser. It lands on #2 in the utility app section and #30 in the overall app section on Apple’s iTunes app store. Chrome is #3 and #34 in the utilities and overall section of the app store, respectively. This means that users prefer browsing on their iPhones instead of PC. It also means that they prefer Google Search app instead of Safari browser.

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If you want to use the new incognito feature on the search app then simply toggle on the option in the settings. Incognito is used when users do not want their browsing history saved. Additionally, users can also toggle on Touch ID for incognito made. It makes browsing safe and secure with no traces.

Other improvements in the search app beside the incognito mode are performance updates and stability on iOS 10. It makes the app very reliable to use as compared to the previous version. Also, youtube videos can now be seen in the search results instead of being redirected to another page.

Image via Phandroid