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Momento on iMessage is the app you should have

Momento on iMessage

There are many apps available in the Apple store that helps modify images into shareable GIFs. The Momento app in the iMessage App Store is quickly becoming a user favorite. Apple users mostly use sticker packs for fun messaging but Momento is clever enough to break through by its unique service. Momento on iMessage turns the pictures in the camera roll into GIFs which users can text to their friends.

Momento on iMessage makes easy to use GIFs

The app is very creatively clever. It does not require user input on how to create GIFs but does it for users. This means that users do not have to do a single thing for fun texting through GIFs. The app scans the phone library to figure out which pictures will make good GIFs. It then makes them available for sharing with friends through just a tap. It’s a simple procedure which saves a lot of time. Momento is available exclusively for download through the iMessage app store.

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Momento stores every GIF in a grid that continuously rolls over live previews, making it easier to pick the best ones from. It is not free and is available for $1.99 on the app store but is well-worth the money.

Genady Okrain is the creator of the app and says that he was inspired by the amount of pictures people take. The app is a chance for people to revisit their previous memory and reminisce the good times. Okrain, is an amateur photographer as well.

TechCrunch reports that with so many apps in the market the app Momento on iMessage is doing pretty good. Since, the iOS 10 is roughly on 40% of the devices so iMessage is pretty new. Not many people are aware that Apple’s iMessage app store even exists. Momento however, has snagged about 800 downloads. It has scanned around 10 million photos.

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