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Snap Spectacles is made by a pioneer mobile veteran

Snap spectacles

The buzzing word in the tech industry is Snap spectacles. Spectacles are the launch product of Snap Inc. formerly known as Snapchat, in the arena of hardware. Spectacles are funky, colorful and very big glasses with a camera attached to the side which records Snaps. Snaps are 10 second videos and pictures that usually disappear after a while. This app is very popular among young adults and teenagers. Snap Spectacles by the company marks its advent into the hardware industry just like Google Glass.

Snap spectacles might lead company into new horizons

The Snap Spectacles cost $130 and for an average teenager they are quiet pricey. However, behind the hardware is a genius mind that Snapchat has employed. It means that the glasses will function well in the consumer market. According to Recode, the brain behind Spectacles is Steve Horowitz. The man has worked on many big projects in the industry. His involvement in Google’s Android software is of no question, since he was one of the original software engineers in the project. He also worked with Apple on Mac, which was a start in his career. Horowitz worked with Motorola as senior vice president of engineering. His involvement was in the Moto 360 smartwatch.

Read about how Snapchat Spectacles signify their first contribution into hardware

It is hard to compete in a market where social networking is dominated by only a few names. Facebook is the leading social networking site. Snap Inc. plans to expand its business ventures into new horizon and provide a stable site for social networking. CEO Evan Spiegel hired Horowitz as vice president of engineering 2015. The company was quiet about his involvement at Snap. Inc till now but it seems that Horowitz will lead the company into new dynamics.

The biggest challenge by Snap is convincing the youth to buy Spectacles since, they are very costly and users can perform the same function on their phone.

Snapchat Spectacles are coming to consumers this fall.

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