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Google search is getting a new update

Google search

Google search mobile application is getting a new look today. The mobile application will make things easier by focusing on differentiating between things you need to know about and the things you like. For example, upcoming plans, appointments are necessary items that need to be reminded off. The set of interesting things include news, sports and entertainment. However, the app Google search still has the previous design but just include two sections for better layout of content. The content would include, feed and the upcoming events section.

The upcoming section of Google search app can be accessed by tapping on the bottom-right icon. It will enable Google to provide information about user daily schedules, reminders, appointments and other daily chores. The information on this platform is provided by Google Now that is a virtual assistant by Google. Google Now pulls data from Gmail, Calendar, Google maps etc.

The new feature by Google is default instead of being labeled as the “upcoming” feed with personal agendas of the day. In the result of this revamping, the personal feed is now the app’s main section which will be showcasing information on favorite sports team, people of interest, music and other stories that people are interested in. Mission critical information is available under the “upcoming” feed. One can just scroll and sweep through daily tasks instead of going through clutters.

Google Search is personalized and clutter free

Users still have the option to customize their feed by working through the app’s setting. Google Search can be customized to tell which stocks to track, which sports team to follow and the list goes on. The feed on Google app will be more personal and relevant to users over the course of time.

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We can see that with this new makeover of Google Search app the aim is to be more organized and de-clutter the feed. It is easy to scroll through the sections. This app by Google is not very helpful in being a personal assistant.

The update will be available to users today with Google Search app on Android or iOS.

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