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Samsung Galaxy S8 is ditching the headphone jack

Samsung Galaxy S8

Everyone knows that Samsung is working on Galaxy S8. Samsung Galaxy S8 is supposed to be better than S7 which unfortunately went up in flames. Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy have been at smart phone war since a very long time. It comes as no surprise when Samsung Galaxy S8 decided to ditch the headphone jack as well.

A lot of people complained when iPhone made the move but now, it seems safe to assume that the trend will continue. We have stepped into an era where headphone jacks will only be reminiscent of the past. SamMobile, has predicted the death of the headphone jack in Samsung Galaxy S8 as well. Motorole Moto Z as we know has also ditched the headphone jack. The strange bit is that Moto Z Play has a headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is jumping on the iPhone bandwagon

Analyzing the move to remove the headphone jack from Samsung Galaxy S8 it seems that they have jumped on the bandwagon. The trend that iPhone initiated has Samsung on board. It means that the smart phone will have fewer features which would make it standout from iPhone. Not having an audio jack will compel owners to listen to audio through Bluetooth headphones. They can also use headphones compatible with the phone USB Type-C port. Galaxy S7 had one of these poets which aim to help charge phone faster. It will also enable data transfer easily and quickly. Allowing the free space left by the audio jack the smart phone can aim for a bigger battery or a thinner phone. The two options would lead to a modification in design.

Read about the Al technology used in Galaxy S8 

Sources say that S8 will have a 2K screen resolution which is identical to the S7 phone. It will also have a better quality screen with the new AMOLED display. The phone will get rid of the physical home button and add an optical fingerprint scanner in the place. S7 will also have a higher screen to body ratio. These changes promise an excellent phone but note the larger hardware race among smart phone manufacturers. Samsung Galaxy S8 will probably hit the market in February at the giant Mobile World Congress show.

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