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Google Search will soon get the ‘About this Image’ feature

In the next few months, Google is going to introduce the ‘About this Image’ feature to its Search. This feature will provide more details about a particular image. The feature will work based on AI and the data collected by various domains of the company. In this way, it will debunk false information about an image and provide users with correct insights.

The About this Image feature will, “help you detect misinformation online, rapidly evaluate the content, and comprehend the context of what you’re seeing,” according to the company’s blog post. Besides this, the feature will present the users with important context. It includes when that specific image and related images were initially indexed by Google, on which site it appeared first, and where else it can be found online (like on news, social, or fact-checking sites).

AI can generate some real-life images. Such a feature will help users identify the credibility of images. It will also help to cope with the spread of misinformation. Google added: “With our About this result tool, you can quickly view more details about a source or topic so you can decide whether you can trust what you’re reading.

Expectedly, the new feature will be rolled out in the upcoming months. It will be available under the three dots on an image. It doesn’t matter if the image is a Google Images result searching with an image or screenshot in Google Lens. Furthermore, the feature can be accessed in Chrome on desktop and mobile by right-clicking or long-pressing on an image.

In addition to this, the tech giant is rolling out its generative image expertise. The feature will mark AI-generated images. This will inform users about its main context in external platforms. Moreover, creators and publishers could also insert their own markups.

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