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Google introduces Search Labs feature for the US users

Google is in hard waters since the release of ChatGPT. It has been trying hard to come forward with an alternate better than ChatGPT. Recently, at the Google I/O event, the company revealed its own stance on incorporating AI into search. As of now, the company is starting things on a small scale. It has begun a Labs labeled experiment. It is accessible to US users. it is available on Chrome for desktops and the Google app for Android and iOS.

Let’s understand the new Labs feature by Google with an example quoted by the company. For instance, if you search for a suggestion for a holiday with a 3yo, generative AI will provide you with a snapshot of key information to consider. You will also be provided with links in case you want to search more.

After then, you can either come up with your own follow-up question or choose from the list of ideas. You will be taken to a new conversational mode where context is carried over from question to question and you will find useful jumping-off points to web information and “a range of perspectives you can dig into” as a result.

Furthermore, you can use generative AI for shopping, since it has the potential to understand complex search terms. When searching for a product users will be prompted with a snapshot and a number of factors that users could consider. It will also include the details like product descriptions ranging from relevant, up-to-date reviews, ratings, and prices, to images.

The company declares that its aim is to provide useful traffic to sites across the web. In addition to this, the tech company is of the view that ads are an important piece of how the web works. It helps users find suitable products and services. for this reason, ads will appear in the dedicated slots throughout the search page.

The company assures that the model has been trained for providing high-quality results. Moreover, Google will continue improving the models over time. Signup for Search Labs has already opened since yesterday. Users will have access to the new generative AI features in the upcoming weeks.

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