Google Slides now allows you to annotate your presentations

Google, the tech giant, has recently added a new tool to Slides. Reportedly, the new tool will help users make their presentations even more presentable and engaging. As per the information, the new pen tool helps users add annotations to Slides while presenting, thus improving the presentation and user experience.

Although Google has previously introduced a virtual laser pointer, the new pen tool will enhance the impact of the presentation. The limitation presented with this tool on the web version is that it will be slightly uneasy to use a mouse pointer for drawing annotations, in contrast to a stylus pen that is quite easy to use.

However, the feature is quite useful. Users can use it to draw arrows and circles, underline words, figures, or phrases, and take quick notes. According to the company, the feature won’t fall under the category of admin control. It means that the pen tool will roll out to all users, including Google Workspace customers and personal account holders.

The new pen tool in Slides is rolling out

Google has already begun the rollout of the pen tool. It is available to users on Rapid Release domains. On the other hand, Scheduled Release domain users will start receiving the pen tool by August 23. As per the company’s schedule, the new tool will be available to all users by the first week of next month.

How to use the annotation tool?

Follow the given instructions to turn on the pen tool. Click on the “Slideshow” button. Now, tap on “Slideshow mode.” Tap on the ellipsis icon presented on the bottom-left side of the viewer. The pen tool and eraser tool will be present in a pill-shaped bar. Click on the pen tool to activate it. You can choose red, green, blue, and black colors for the pen. If you want to remove any annotation click on the eraser tool and remove it. One thing to notice here is that the annotations added while presenting will go away once the slideshow is ended.

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