Google Starts Rolling Out November 2021 Software Update

Google is rolling out November 2021 software update to a range of Pixel devices.

Google Pixel Getting November 2021 Software Update

On November 1st, Google started rolling out the November 2021 software update to its devices. The update is available for the Pixel 3a and later devices. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were unheard of receiving this latest software update from the company.

According to reports, the November software update is about security fixes and some Pixel-specific non-security issues. Some Pixel devices were facing notification issues; no buzz with the notification message. Google fixes that with the latest update. The latest software update also covered some other audio issues.

The November software update also fixes an issue with wireless charging. It also improves the stability of certain third-party apps, auto-brightness response, transition animation performance in the Overview screen, Picture-in-Picture media playback, and connection stability.

This latest software update also fixes incorrect app icon issues, the way the keyboard overlaps certain apps and some issues with UI elements.

Not all of these fixes are for every Pixel device. These are the major issues Google is currently rolling out with the November 2021 software update. For a complete list of fixes, you may check “Google Android Pixel Security Update – Nov 2021” and “Android Security Bulletin—November 2021“.

As always, the rollout will start in phases. So if your device didn’t get it right away, you may have to wait for a little to get the updates. You may also keep on checking your device’s settings for the available updates.