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Google Starts Workspace Essentials Starter plan

Google launched the Essentials Starter Edition plan in Google Workspace after it decided to stop supporting legacy G Suite accounts. This plan is free and allows businesses to use all Google productivity apps, except Gmail. The Workspace Essentials Starter Plan (via 9to5Google is designed for businesses that have their email systems in place but do not have access to modern collaboration and communication tools.

This plan allows you to access Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Chat, or Meet. Each Google Meet call is limited to 60 minutes and storage is limited to 15GB. The Google Workspace Essentials Starter edition is free for business users who want to improve teamwork and unleash innovation through secure-by-design collaboration. Kelly Waldher, VP Marketing at Google Workspace, stated that the account can be signed up by anyone with a valid work email. Google claims that you don’t need a credit card to sign up, and there is no trial period.

You don’t need a new email address or file conversions. Essentials Starter’s tools will all work in your environment.

Google has launched the Workspace Essentials Starter Plan, closing the gap for the Essentials plan which was introduced in May 2002. The account had 100GB storage, larger video meetings, and was $8 per month. It can be used by existing users, but you cannot sign up for it right now. Workspace Essentials Starter can be used by up to 25 people, so it is best for small organizations. Google’s support page states that the plan can be signed up by unlimited teams within an organization. Google states that the new plan will be available in certain regions by mid-February 2022.