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Google Supporting New Publishers Earn Money By Turning Readers In To Paid Customers

Google is looking for ways through which new publishers can earn money. For this purpose, Google is collaborating with NewsCorp, the Financial Times, and the New York Times. The point Google wants to make is that supporting subscription services is important as that revenue is essential for publishers who just rely on an advertisement for finance.

So basically Google will aid publishers in finding potential subscribers through AMP webpages. Also, it will make it easier for subscribers to find out how much the customers will pay for reading a publication.

Google spokesperson Maggie Shiels said “We work closely with news publishers across the world to build products that help support their business and add value to users. At the moment we don’t have anything to announce.”

Currently, Google uses its technology to permit the people who read online news, subscribe to publishers via a single click. The Internet has made it easier for readers to be aware of the latest news, without paying for it which is quite a disadvantage for publishers.

Now the biggest internet giant, Google is investing in artificial intelligence. Artifical Intelligence can be joined with data at Google to attract more subscribers. Publishers have complained many times that Google makes money off their work, by displaying it in search results. It’s time publishers get their due credit.

Also, it is important that reliable news organizations are financially supported so that false stories are controlled on Google platform.

Moreover, Facebook is also looking to gain revenue from its Instant Articles feature so that those who want to read the article would have to pay for it.

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