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Google Talk: Say your goodbye

Google Talk

GChat also known as Google Talk is being replaced by Google forever. The tech giant and communication enthusiast released Hangouts in 2013 which was a more feature filled chat service aimed to take the place of Google Talk in the Gmail sidebar. If users choose they can sick to the older and more basic service being offered by Google.

On the 26th of June anyone who is using Gchat will be forcibly converted to use the Hangouts. This transition is not major in the case because there is a chat built into Gmail. The Gmail chat have your contacts transition over and since, Google has been trying for people to hop on to  Hangouts for the past four years-this move definitely will ensure that they do by killing of Google Talk. Google Talk Android app will also go obsolete in its functioning along with any other third party apps designed for Talk. It is to be noted that anything making use of Hangouts is still going to function the same. We have nothing to worry about here.

Google Talk is being replaced with more alternatives

For people using chat services back from early 2000s this is a sad time. The messaging service was a huge way of communicating back in the simpler times of AIM ruling. However, over the course of time Google has released at least seven other messaging services. Allo, Duo, Hangouts, Android Messages, Voice and Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger are some of the services being provided by Google. We’re a bit curious about why Google is shifting people to Hangouts when Allo exists. This is the progression of time to see some of our favorite apps go obsolete but we’re hopeful that they pave the way for more advanced apps.

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Google is also removing the SMS support from Hangouts, this is confirmed news. It is encouraging Android users to switch to the newly Android Messages app. This move is a solid signifier that Google wants to push its customer base for RCS messaging. Google is also aiming to reposition Hangouts as a viable business messaging tool that will take on competitors like Slack.

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