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TalentMyWay: The way to showcase your talent


Pakistan is known to encourage new talent. We’re a country young in the tech market but that does not mean that there is any less shortage of talent here. There is now an online platform that has made it possible for the young people of Pakistan to showcase their abilities and skills. It is possible for them to make a name for themselves. TalentMyWay is an online platform that has opened the gates of opportunity for people who have awesome talent in the field of singing, sports and visual arts.

The website allows users to upload their viral videos on the platform for others to see. So you can also get a sizeable portion of audience following if you’re an upcoming social media star through it.

TalentMyWay is an initiative led by Ahsan Kamran, Ali Asad, and Ahmed Asad. These talented individuals are lawyers by profession. The main idea behind this is to minimize the gap between young talent online and the interested viewers. Support as we all know can go a long way in making sure that the artist gets the due recognition that they deserve. It can mean fame and applause at a global level as well.

Ahsan Kamran comments “The world has seen a lot of television shows based on finding ‘talent’ in widespread areas, be it singing, dancing, or any other form of entertainment.One goes a long way if and only if they are liked by a panel of judges. However, what is needed in this space is a platform where talented individuals can be directed properly, not only through interacting with interested viewers but with each other as well.”

Viral videos and content is the best for of getting fame from the internet. Typical examples of these are the memes like Salt Bae and videos such as Pineapple-Pen or even Oppa Gangnam Style.  The funny internet memes can end up getting you not only fame but monetary benefits as well for example the girl who got famous through Dr.Phil’s show Cash me outside now has 8.9 million instagram followers. It is expected that by then end of the year she will be a millionaire. The viral effect of videos and other content can generate a lot of money which is why TalentMyWay was created. It introduced fresh and new viral content everyday which will then get more users to engage with it. All you have to do is sign up on the portal.

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TalenMyWay is led by three young Pakistanis

Ahsan karman further said, “There is even a huge scope of this website that can appeal to children already in school.There used to be an issue with someone trying to excel at an esoteric sport (e.g. table tennis) or having a hidden musical talent (electric guitar) without appropriate programs being offered by the institution in question. This platform can open universities’ eyes to the range of extracurricular activities. One can pursue by the power of the internet.”

Currently, there is no way to monetize the content published on the platform. The company is looking forward to implementing a monetizing strategy in the future if the platform generates revenue. TalentMyWay is different from other competitors in the market because it aims to connect people. It wants to harness a place where talented individuals can collaborate with one another.

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You can simply register on the website by filling out forms. Facebook login is also available for TalentMyWay. The interactive website is a lot similar to FlipBoard so there is a lot of option to choose from. Your curated interests will then be shown on the platform feed.

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