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Future Of Advertising: A Tech Company Will Convert Skyscrapers Into Ads

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Adverts expert company Lightvert is developing a projection technique for creating unflagging vision of displays which will allow displays to be astonishing 200 meters or 656.17 feet tall.

According to BBC, This technology uses the human eye philosophy “persistence of vision”

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CEO of Lightvert, Daniel Siden explained the vision persistence and said, “When you look at a bright light and turn away from it, you will see a ghost of that light in your vision for a long time”.

“Our display takes a standard two dimension image and breaks it up into columns of pixel data and this single vertical line of light blinks out each column sequentially, so column one, two, three until it gets to the end of the image and then it starts over.

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“So as your eye looks away it prints each column on your retina in a different location and your whole image is reassembled in your eye,” he added.

Moving strips of superfast, flashing LEDs have painted pictures or text in the air for a couple of decades, but Lightvert’s technology is next level approach which relies on our eyes to do the moving instead.

Even if you have to create displays just over 3m tall using LEDs and any other light sources this becomes really challenging, but our technology allowed much taller displays. Said Mr. Siden

The Future Display Advertising

This development could be the future of Advertising where you might see skyscrapers in New York Manhattan, London, Sydney, Singapore and Dubai all covered with monster displays like you have seen in Sci-fi movies.



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