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Google to Auto-delete User Data


Google will bring a few changes to its default settings that would automatically delete some of the data it collects about users. After 18 months, the web and app activity will be removed. The data that will be removed will include website searches log, pages visited along with the location data.

Also the YouTube histories will be deleted automatically 36 months. This includes the clips users have watched and for how long they have watched them. In the new accounts these new changes will appear however the current users would be able to see the new prompts to adjust their settings.

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Basically there are three activity controls when a user creates a google account that saves data to “give you more personalized experiences” across products.

These three activity controls are location history, web & app activity, and YouTube history. Location history reveals where a user goes with their device even they are no using any specific Google service, web and app activity saves users activity on the Google sites and apps which also includes associated info like location to enhance searches etc, and lastly the YouTube History save YouTube videos watched by users and the things they search on YouTube.

These changes have been made to Google as CEO Sundar Pichai stated that Google will “continue to challenge ourselves to do more with less.”

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