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Google To Merge Meet And Duo Into Single App

Duo Meet

Google today announced that it is combining two of its video calling applications to create a video streaming platform called this Meet. These two video platforms together include Meet and Duo. The first was a streaming video platform used to engage 250 people in video chat. The duo is a free video chat app for iOS and Android.

The duo leaving Google with a video platform called Meet

In addition to merging Duo and Meet, Google will eventually remove Duo by leaving Google the Meet video platform. Javier Soltero, head of Google Workspace, said, “The most important thing is to understand how people choose what tools to use, for what purpose, and in what situation,” Meet said for meetings and group chats.

Meanwhile, Duo has a lot in common with FaceTime in that it is created for unique video chats instead of the large conferences used by Meet and Zoom. By combining Meet and Duo, you can start a meeting almost anywhere. One of the benefits of the Duo is the ability to start a video chat by simply dialing someone’s phone number, instead of relying on someone to click on a link or click on the giant “Meet” button.

New Google Meet Home Screen – Google combines Meet and Duo into one mobile application platform
New Google Meet home screen
Once the Duo and Meet unite, the Duo mobile app will default and the Duo app will be renamed Google Meet later this year. The current Meet application will be called Meet Original. An update will finally be available for the Duo, which will send Meet functions to the Duo platform.

The duo will get the following new features through the update:

Customize your virtual background for conversations and meetings.
Schedule your meetings so that everyone can attend them at a time that suits them.
Use chat in a meeting for deeper engagement. Live content sharing to interact with all participants.
Get real-time closed captioning to better promote the availability and increase participation.
Increase the size of video calls from the current limit from 32 to 100 participants.
Connect with other tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Assistant, Messaging, and more.

Dave Citron, Product Director for Video Products at Google, said: “The Duo mobile app has a lot of options, especially under the hood and in emerging markets where network connectivity is minimal or too different.” Citron says the web is the other; There, Meet is a more advanced web platform that “forms the basis of a new integrated system.” But in both cases, Google says, the idea was to combine Meet and Duo into something that would be available to all non-users. Meet is a clear option that Google will focus on in its video and audio capabilities

Soltero at Workspace says that as Meet grew during the pandemic, it became increasingly clear for Google to focus on video and audio capabilities. Google has a lot of work to do, trying to identify which device you’re using at the moment and sending alerts only to that device.

Google says: “As part of our mission to create a seamless experience for all users, we are excited to combine our video call and meeting technologies into one, powerful and easy-to-use solution. Video communication is a big part of our interest. for us and you will continue to see our investment in Google Meet to help people connect, collaborate and share experiences with any device, at home, at school or at work.

We are committed to making the transition from Duo to Meet as smooth as possible, “said Google. In 2020, Google Meet began offering users free services and also added more than 100 features and enhancements to the app.

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