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Google to update its security features to make your browser experience more secure

With the advancement of technology, cyber security issues are also arising. Although we can’t have authority over the security amendments of higher entities, we can keep our own data secure. Google is working hard in this area to provide its users with a better and more secure surfing experience. Google has introduced expanded data control features, a dark web scan for Gmail, the latest ways to identify web scams, and much more to keep its users safer.

In the latest software, Android 14, Google is planning to introduce advanced privacy controls that will allow you to accept or reject requests for location tracking from various apps, along with clarifying your location history from Google Maps.

As we already know, there are many apps that contain more of our data than is needed, and they might be sharing it with third parties. As in the latest software, Android 14, you will be asked before sharing your location with any third-party source. This feature is available in Android 14 Beta 2. Along with that, a data delete section has been added to the Google Play data safety section that will allow easy access for you to delete your data or account.

Along with these updates, Google has also updated its safe browsing API, which will detect infected sites and notify you if you open one. These latest security amendments are working along with artificial intelligence, which Google notes enhances its ability to identify infected sites. Other than that, 25% of phishing attempts are blocked in Chrome and Android on a monthly basis.

These latest security amendments were introduced during the I/O 2023 conference to clarify the security protocols of the platform.

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