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YouTube might add up a personalized tab for channel homepages

YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform, with all kinds of information and videos. But as we view the videos, they are mostly from popular channels or ones we have subscribed to. Google has made various attempts to personalize the home tab feed based on our search history and the videos we have watched previously. In the latest update, it’s taking a step up in providing a personalized experience by using the same data.

With the latest update, you’ll be able to check your favorite creators along with a feature that won’t let you miss out on any recent uploads. YouTube will arrange the latest content along with the most watched content from creators. Enlisted content will be visible to everyone who visits the page.

Google recently added a new “for you” section for experimentation. This section displays the videos from a specific channel that match your interests or watching habits. If you are fond of coffee and interior décor videos, this section will display a homepage with caffeinated beverage and décor-related content.

This feature provides a personalized experience on the platform and can act as a tool for displaying more of the content you are interested in through research. We can also expect to see the alignment of your content depending on your view history. Moreover, there’s no point in subscribing to channels that don’t provide the content of your interest.

For now, all of these features are being tested, and you can view them under the channels selected by YouTube. Although we cannot predict when it will be available on the other channels on the platform, although this personalization will provide you with a great feed of new uploads in your interests.