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Google Translate adds offline support for 33 languages

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Google Translate is one of the most powerful translation tools used by people worldwide. It provides users with quick and on-point translations. The smartphone app of Google Translate provides access to various languages while offline. However, not all the languages currently offered by Google Translate are available offline. Besides this, the company is working to introduce more languages. Alongside this, the tech firm is aiming to provide access to more offline features for more languages. Given this information, the company has now come forward with a whole set of languages that users can translate without the hassle of going online.

Recently, the company made an official announcement via a blog post. The company mentioned that the offline feature has been extended to 33 new languages. This indicates that users won’t have to have internet access in order to translate their phrases for translating to or translating from any of these languages. The only requirement is downloading the language package available in the Google Translate app. As per the blog post, Google is introducing the offline functionality feature to the following languages:

Luxembourgish, Malagasy, Maori, Myanmar (Burmese), Oriya / Odia, Kinyarwanda, Zulu, Shona, Sesotho, Samoan, Scots, GaelicBasque, Cebuano, Chichewa, Corsican, Frisian, Kurdish, Khmer, Sindhi, Tatar, Turkmen, SundaneseHausa, Hawaiian, Hmong, Igbo, Javanese, Lao, Latin, Yoruba, Yiddish, Xhosa, Uyghur

Many of these languages have millions of speakers. For instance, the language Zulu has almost 12 million native speakers. Such a feature would enable the users to translate the text into any particular language with their ease. Even it will help the users while they are traveling to someplace where these languages are spoken.

Don’t forget to update your Google Translate app before checking out this feature. Followed by the update, download the translation package. The downloading of the translation package is similar to the one used for the French or Spanish language.