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Google is working on its own version of Galaxy SmartTag

Tech companies battle through tough competition. Rivals also desire to come up with some amazing products and devices ahead of others. However, some companies even try to copy what others do. One such example is Google and other companies too. As of now, it has been reported that Google is working to introduce its unique version of the object tracker. It will be something similar to the one Samsung experimented with in the Galaxy SmartTag series. According to Mishaal Rahman, Google is going to integrate the Fast Pair feature with the tracker. In this way, it will function as a locator tag.

In addition to this, Kuba Wojciechowski, the developer, and leaker mentioned that Google will give ‘grogu’ name to its smart tracker. Well, we know that wireless trackers are not something that is new in the industry. various companies like Samsung and Tile have introduced such devices already. These trackers hold great usability as they can be attached to products that have the chance of getting lost.

For quite some time now, consumers have started using AirTags by Apple. Such tags are placed by users in their luggage. Besides this, the tracker by Google will function in a similar way as that of Apple’s and Samsung’s SmartTags. It will reportedly change the name of the distributed tracking network to ‘Finder Network.’

In addition to this, the smart tracker by Google will utilize both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. According to the information, the Nest team will work on the development of this device. The device will be presented with a small internal speaker for alerts. Additionally, it will be introduced in different color options. Well, this is what we know as of now. We can expect this device to unveil alongside Pixel 8 at Google I/O 2023.

We will come across further information in the future. Well, we hope that Google resolves the privacy issues presented with the Apple AirTags.

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