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Google will soon introduce a new stylus charging notification feature to Fast Pair

Fast Pair

The Fast Pair services by Google are based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). BLE is capable of identifying a Bluetooth device without impeding the battery of the device. Fast Pair services were initially introduced in 2017. Since then, the platform has acquired various useful features. as of now, a report detailing a new feature is surfacing on the internet. As per this report, the Fast Pair service will be enabled to deal with the stylus charging notifications.

The information was basically uncovered by the folks at 9to5Google. They spotted various strings linked with the Fast Pair stylus. These are presented with the recent Play Store version for Wear OS v23.02.13. The new strings feature notifications for low-battery. These notifications are similar to the ones already presented with Bluetooth headphones. Weill, in simple language we can say that users will be notified whenever the battery of the stylus will begin dipping.

Deciphering the three strings, we get to know that the first code is associated with a standard low-battery indicator. This code will display the ‘Consider Charging Soon’ notification. The second string displays a code for the battery of the stylus. The last string is linked with the  ‘Charge Now’ notification. This notification will be displayed when the battery on the stylus is about to end.

In addition to this information, we can consider that the rumor of a Google-branded stylus and the new stylus charging notifications align well with one another. We can soon expect a Pixel tablet equipped with a stylus. However, it is unclear whether the stylus will charge on its own or not. Furthermore, the design of the Pixel tablet doesn’t showcase any hints about the wireless charging of the stylus via NFC. However, the wireless charging feature is presented with the iPad Pro. It is equipped with USI 2.0 standards. The stylus is placed on the side edge of the iPad Pro.

Besides this, we can expect that the current advancements will definitely improve the functionality and adaptability of the S Pen.

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