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Google travel app called Trips is all you need

travel app called Trips


Travelling can be such a hassle and planning a trip is even more tiresome. Luckily, in the digital era that we live in it is made easier. Google travel app called Trips is all you need, now. Trips, is a new app on Android and iOS that helps plan trips. It is also a travel guide offering editorial guides to more than 200 cities.

Travel app called Trips works offline

Google travel app Trip is helpful in organizing plane tickets and hotel reservations. It even makes recommendations on places to travel by looking at your Google history. The best feature of the app is its ability to work offline. Expensive data plans and data roaming charges make it hard to use the internet. Users can download everything from their maps to hostel reservations on their phone then go offline.

The app offers services like TripIt. TripIt plans the entire travel and even keeps a track of the reward points, alerting you of the cheapest seat available on the flight. However, even though Trip does not offer this it makes up for offering extensive city guides. City guides are shaped by editors and are an example of how Google offers a wide range of services.

The Verge reports that Trips require a sign in through Google account. Once users are signed in they will get the list of upcoming trips. It also shows the previous taken trips by the user so keeping a track of travel is very easy. The app also offers a wide range of customization options like flights, reservations, rental car services, currency and other information.

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Things to do is the main app feature which builds an entire travel plan based on how long users are staying in a specific place based on personal Google history.

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