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Google Will Revamp its Search Engine In The Coming Years

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Google’s search engine has essentially remained unchanged for years and decades. So far there hasn’t been a reason for it, because the dominance of the Californians was and is enormous. But with the help of AI, Microsoft’s Bing was able to give a strong sign of life – and Google must act.

Google on the defensive: The group from Mountain View, California is not really known in this way. Because of its search engine, the group is perhaps the most constant feature of today’s Internet and has been for more than two decades. The Google homepage and the results have practically not changed in this time, there was simply no reason for that.

While the integration of AI chatbot ChatGPT into Microsoft’s Bing may not have reshuffled the deck, multiple reports have sounded alarm bells at Google. In other words, the company must act. The first step was to push the development of Bard’s own chat AI, but that was only the beginning.

Google will be “rejuvenated”.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has been able to find out that even search is no longer sacrosanct, i.e. untouchable, for Google. Because according to internal documents that were passed to the business newspaper, Google wants to make the search engine “more visual, easier to use, more personal and more human”. The target group for this change is young people, according to the WSJ.

Of course, the revision will mainly affect AI functions. Google is planning to add a corresponding chat, as well as an increased focus on social media posts and short videos. The search results should also become more interactive and visual: It is planned or planned that users will be asked to ask follow-up questions more often or be able to see elements such as TikTok videos.

Google wants to deliberately move away from the traditional “ten blue links” in the search results. When and if these changes will actually come is of course uncertain. However, we may be able to get a first hint soon, because the Google I/O developer conference is starting this Wednesday.

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