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Google Home to provide Redesign lighting control with the latest update

Google has made several amendments to its home app to improve the experience for its users. Since the redesign of the app was released, the platform has provided a better user experience with its updated UI and features. With the latest update, the platform has launched the most-awaited feature, Redesign Lightning Control.

As observed by 9to5Google, the latest version of the app (v3.1 via the Dogfool release) will let you control your smart home lights. The most prominent change to the app came with a circular on/off button that is circled with a ring shape that will allow you to adjust brightness. This ring has replaced the large pill slider we had in the previous update. The power icon has also disappeared, as it seems that you’ll be able to turn off the light by sliding the pill to minimum (0%) brightness.

Along with that, more color options are now available. As elaborated by 9to5, a grid is available along with a slider and a FAB color palette icon that pops up a separate temperature and color sheet when tapped on a separate temperature and color sheet when tapped on. These features have been in demand for a while, and it’s great to see them available on the app.

This latest feature marks a high improvement over the previous update, which only contained a limited set of color options. But with the new update, it has become more user-friendly and provides more control over the app.

Along with a new lighting setting, Home has received a server-side update that adds a new notification bell icon to the Favorite’s tab’s upper right corner, directly next to your profile picture. The new icon opens an “Inbox” view when it is clicked, which is not particularly inventive. This is so that Inbox, which was previously found in a separate tab in the bottom bar, simply contains your activity feed.

The activity tab in the app remains the same with a little addition of new functions, the display of the “History” feed, and the previous bell icon being replaced with a new icon.

These updated features are available in the 3.0 version of the app that is available under Home’s public preview program, or they can be accessed directly through APK Mirror.

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