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Google Working To Fix Pixel 4a 5G Touch Screen Problem

After downloading and installing the December security update, many users of the Pixel 4a 5G smartphone reported that they encountered a touch screen malfunction. Specifically, some devices may not consistently respond to tapping operations on the lower half of the screen, which has a serious impact on the user experience of choosing traditional three-button navigation. Fortunately, Google said that it is aware of the existence of this problem and is working to implement a fix.

Android Police reviewed related complaints from users of the Pixel 4a 5G smartphone and found that the incident can be traced back to shortly after the security patch was released in December.

Google said in a post on the Pixel official support forum that the company will fix this failure in an upcoming software update.

However, Android Police pointed out that the January security patch has not completely fixed the problem, which means that Pixel 4a 5G users will have to endure a few weeks.

As a temporary countermeasure, Google recommends that affected users can switch to other navigation methods (such as swipe gestures), or refer to the following solutions:

(1) When clicking the icon on the edge of the screen, try to aim at the centre of the button or the side relatively far away from the edge of the screen.

(2) When you need to operate the navigation icon at the bottom of the screen, try to click with your fingertip to improve the accuracy of touch recognition.

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