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Google’s First Foldable Device will Come in 2022

Google’s first foldable smartphone is likely to come in 2022.

Google Foldable

Google could be working on its first foldable smartphone and would release it by 2022. This smartphone is unlikely to bring the same camera features as found on the newly released Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

Google has been busy developing its first foldable smartphone since 2020. The device was given the codename “Passport” and was planned to come out by 2021. But it seems Google had some hurdles for that the company shifted its focus towards a new foldable device, codenamed “Pipit. We aren’t certain if the company has just changed the codename of the first one or is working on another device as well.

According to reports, the upcoming Google foldable smartphone will feature a camera department similar to that of the Pixel 5 from last year. This device could also feature the same 12.2MP IMX363 used since the Pixel 3. It could be the primary main camera. Reports also suggested that there could be another rear camera sensor – the 12MP IMX386, which could be used for an ultrawide camera and can only be used when the phone is folded.

It’s also suggested that this device will feature two 8MP IMX355 sensors – inner and outer. These sensors are likely to be used for selfies – one could be resting on the external display, while the other on the internal display. We aren’t sure yet if there would be an under-display camera sensor or not.

This Google foldable smartphone will feature lower camera specs compared to the Google Pixel 6 series, possibly to reduce the phone’s thickness.