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Google’s New Payment System Android Pay Is Rolling Out Soon

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Google has announced that they will launch their new payment system on the web soon, Android Pay would allow users to carryout online payments and shopping through their attached credit/debit cards. Android Pay will first be available on chrome. The most recent version of chrome is embedded with new API support.

Android team has declared in a new post that we don’t have to wait longer for this. Android is working more than just apps and trying to make Android Pay more simple, reliable and secure for mobile web.

Head of payments products in Google “Pali Bhat” says, “People will be able to use Android Pay soon which will streamline their mobile checkout processes using Chrome. People would be able to pay instantly on the sites like Groupon.com and many more.

Furthermore, regardless of unspecified timeline for mobile support, several banks have already been registering for the scheme; this includes Chase in the US, Lloyds TSB and Santander in the UK and many others to follow.


Google has also announced strategic deal to join Uber’s payment rewards program. Which offers 50% off on 10 rides when customers pay through Android Pay. This scheme is likely to engage more people to start using Android Pay. Google might offer more rewarding programs after its launch.


The question remains unanswered whether Android payment system is coming to the countries like Pakistan, India, UAE, China and other Asian and Middle Eastern countries? Google must pay attention to rising economies, internet and Mobile users in these countries in order to make a strategic move for future growth.

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image via: thenextweb