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Local stories on Snapchat are ending

Local stories on snapchat

Snapchat is the popular picture sharing app on android and iOS. Bloomberg reports that Snapchat Inc. is getting rid of local stories. The local story feature of Snapchat is now, disabled after the company found that it isn’t popular as compared to other features of the app.

Local stories on Snapchat, is a feature where users could see videos of everyday activities from locales for example New York. The curators of local stories, around 15 people, were laid off by Snapchat earlier. The curators were responsible for gathering user shot videos of concerts and events like the 4th of July and the Super Bowl. The feature was focused on videos of specific events, which were then put on the app.

Local stories on Snapchat are no more

Snapchat released a statement in which it thanked the small number of team members who worked on the feature. It further elaborated that the curator position was eliminated from its New York and Los Angeles offices. This move comes as a result of the app to change its local story format.

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The company is now focusing on its business strategy and improving its business model ahead of an initial public offering. The Los Angeles based company that has become quickly popular-at one time reported to have more users than twitter- and is now developing its business route to a new direction. It is in the procedure of evaluating the products and services it has to offer to the people. Local stories were a product that was just not very popular with the audience and thus, the company eliminated it to make room for more improvements.

The “snap” sharing app is now more zoomed in on short videos and annotated pictures for its app that people can enjoy more and send to their friends and family.

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