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Sony PlayStation Slim vs Project Scorpio Console

Sony PlayStation Slim

Sony PlayStation Slim has been officially announced in the markets. The PS4 slim and pro are ready to make debut in the market, where Sony has also reported to have halted inventory of the standard PS4 to make room for the new upgrades.

Most of the information relating the PS4 slim had already been announced but still Sony went ahead with the event to officially make its market debut. The older PSY is now phased out in the market the codename PS4 Neo was announced as PS4 Pro-which is a stronger and refined version of the Sony PlayStation 4.

Sony PlayStation Slim is more improved

PlayStation 4 Pro is the new console which includes a better processor, better graphics and supports a 4K resolution. The move to launch PS4 came right after Microsoft unveiled the Project Scorpio Console, which is an improvement to the Xbox One, which can also run a 4k-native games.

The Verge reports that, Sony’s new console will be available in the market next month and the Project Scorpio Console by Microsoft won’t be available in the market till next year.

It seems that Microsoft is not threatened by PS4 Slim but still needs to keep an eye on the sales otherwise, it would generate a sales gap which would be hard to catch up to. Microsoft seems very confident in its new console since, it is zooming in on a GPU clocked at 6 teraflops which makes it 43% powerful than PS4 Pro.

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Sony PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim already have a jump start in the market and with the holiday season approaching there seems to be a possibility that it may double the increase of its sales. All of this hint that Microsoft needs to up the game with Project Scorpio, otherwise, Sony PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim will be taking over the gaming market.

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