Google’s new search tool will disappear most of your private photos

Maintaining control over your personal information is crucial in today’s digital world because, as the saying goes, once it’s online, it’s there forever. However, given that Google Search connects billions of consumers to the internet, the corporation is in a unique position to change this. Google has unveiled a valuable new collection of tools to give consumers more control over their searches and privacy.

Among the most recent changes to Google Search privacy, the Results About You tool is front and center. This option, which was introduced last year, enables users to quickly ask for the removal of search results that include delicate personal data like phone numbers, home addresses, or email addresses.

Users will now be notified when Google discovers their contact details in search results. They will then be prompted to review the information and ask to have any undesirable material removed. Users will soon have access to a dashboard that will allow them to manage and keep track of the personal contact information that is displayed in search results.

Google is also making changes to guarantee family online safety. A unique function of Safe Search is the automatic blurring of explicit images, such as those seen in adult or violent content, in search results. All users will have access to this extra security measure; however, users under the age of 18 will automatically have it enabled.

Google Search has changed its privacy standards to cover graphic photographs in user accounts. Now that Search can store explicit photographs longer than any website can, you can delete your own images from it. The rule is applicable in situations when individuals have previously written and uploaded pornographic materials to websites and now want those materials removed from Google’s search results. This enables anyone to delete any leftover copies of the item from the internet.

To make requesting the removal of private information or explicit content from Google Search results easier, Google has also revised and simplified the forms used for such requests. Notably, neither the host site’s content nor that of other search engines will be impacted.

The forms for privacy policies have already been modified and made simpler, but it might take some time before the other two additions are implemented. The Results About You dashboard and Safesearch blurring will both be made available “later this month” and “in the coming days,” respectively.

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