YouTube’s 1080p enhanced bitrate option is widely rolled out

In terms of video quality, YouTube videos have improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. We initially learned about the Google-owned service’s intentions for an increased bitrate option, which would be available only to YouTube Premium users, back in February. In April, YouTube formally announced the feature’s release for iOS, suggesting that it would ultimately find its way to the web. Fast forward to June, when YouTube expanded its testing of the capability to include some Android phones and Android TV settings. YouTube has now confirmed the availability of the higher bitrate option on the web, over four months after it was made available on iPhones.

This depicts that premium subscribers will be able to find a 1080p quality option while adjusting video quality. But this latest option will also be available for non-premium users, but it’ll ask you for a subscription to premium, according to reports from The Verge. Although this feature isn’t available for all videos for now, we can hope for it to be there soon.

YouTube’s spokeswoman, Paul Pennington, has also provided confirmation on the worldwide rollout of the 1080p enhanced bitrate option. Along with web users, this option will also be available for Google Chromecast and some video game consoles, as stated by Pennington. Although it’s unavailable on Android for now.

However, we know it’s being tested among Android users, with a few of them seeing the option within the YouTube app a few months ago. However, the wait for an increased bitrate option for Android continues. It’s worth mentioning that, despite the addition of this new “enhanced” option for Premium customers, free users can continue to enjoy unfettered 1080p video streaming quality.

The increased or higher bitrate for YouTube videos practically implies that their compression is far better, resulting in less pixelation, particularly in dimly lit situations, and a significant boost in video quality.

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