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Google’s Privacy Sandbox system to be introduced to Android 13 devices by early 2023

Google declared via an official blog that a few selected Android 13 devices will receive the Privacy Sandbox system by early 2023. The Privacy Sandbox is a set of technology. It is developed by Google with an emphasis on creating a web standard for websites. Thus, enabling the approach to user information without cooperating with their privacy.

Various design proposals for the Privacy Sandbox system were conveyed to app developers and marketers by Google. Lastly, everything is settled. Now Google is ready to start the rollout of the system. As per Google, the initial Privacy Sandbox Beta will be rolled out to Android 13 mobile devices by the start of the next year. This would help developers to consider the next steps for testing new solutions.

Cross-app identifiers as well as covert tracking with API systems such as Attribution Reporting, FLEDGE, and Topics will be replaced by Privacy Sandbox for Android. Initially, a limited number of devices will get the Google Privacy Sandbox system. Afterward, the updates will be rolled out to other devices over time. In addition to this, Google also mentioned that it will continue with the rollout of Developer Previews.  Thus, receiving feedback alongside the DP before being circulated on production devices.

Furthermore, to access the Privacy-Preserving APIs, that begin with the Beta release and future DPs, developers are obliged to complete an enrollment process. Once the procedure is completed, developers gain the access to ads-related APIs. Ads-related APIs include Topics, FLEDGE, and Attribution Reporting.

Developers and ad tech companies can join the Privacy Sandbox beta. They will be granted access to a controlled number of devices. Furthermore, they could register the apps that require the utilization of Sandbox APIs. App developers will be required to work on the incorporation from the beginning. Thus, helping Google in the next testing phase.

DuckDuckGo criticized the Privacy Sandbox system of Google. They indicated that Google has just established a new name for the same system. They mentioned that the Privacy Sandbox system of Google is nothing but just a system that basically eases indirect user tracking. Besides this, Google is planning to proceed further and introduce Privacy Sandbox to all of its products.

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