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Government May Restrict Internet Security After Manchester Attack

The incident in Manchester has created panic, fear and hopelessness in the society. At this point the government might start a restriction on the internet securities.

Government has to take immediate action and what they have decided is to bring the aggressive part of Investigatory Powers Act in to action.

In order to control such torturous and inhuman acts in future, the government will use its power namely Technical Capability Orders. Through this big internet and tech companies would have to disrupt their security system so that all messages go through intelligence agencies. If Theresa May gets elected again government will ask the parliament to permit the usage of those powers.

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As per a government minister they will immediately bring this in to action if they are again given power. He said that there is a lot at stake, we cannot afford such incidents so immediate action is required.

This news came after the Conservatives came up with their proposal to control information on internet. Amber Rudd the Home secretary said that the security agencies already have ample powers and she wouldn’t support more power until some progress is seen.

It is still not confirmed that encryption which ensures that hacker don’t read messages, had any part in the bombing that took place in Manchester. Nor can we say that if government is given more power such attacks can be avoided in future.

As per the internet companies, they feel that if such power is given to intelligence companies it would aggravate the situation. If officials can read messages, others can too, who are not meant to. So would such attacks decrease or would they increase?


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