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Sony Smartphones: Sony To Discontinue Xperia X To Focus On Flagship Models

Recently, Sony has announced that it will discontinue its premium Xperia Models including Xperia X and Xperia X compact line of Smartphones and will continue to produce flagship models from now on…

In a blog post Sony has unveiled its plans to end its premium product line Xperia X series which includes premium handsets such as models; X, X compact, XA1, XA1 Ultra and XZ’s.

What To Expect From Sony

As the smartphones market is becoming more and more competitive, Sony is revising its strategy, Chinese phones are giving had time to everyone, Chinese phones become the top selling phones in China recently leaving Apple and Samsung behind. Huawei is on Top of the list in hot selling brands in China.

This is a good start by Sony, because the premium phones which Sony offers to consumers are almost the same price of the Chinese flagships and the quality is also admirable. So why would people buy premium smartphones when they could by flagships under the same price tag?

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Brand name and loyalty remains aside, people are now focusing more on value for money.

As Sony is focusing on recovering the market share in 2017, it will come up with strong flagship handsets and the advanced technologies which could create real difference. Sony is hoping to regain market share in 2017 onwards and the company will only focus on the specific markets like East Asia, Middle East, APAC and Europe.

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