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Graduate Trainee Program 2017 By Zong

Zong is not just a telecommunication network; it is also a learning platform for youth to grow in their respective fields. Recently Zong has launched Graduate Trainee Program 2017. The aim of this program is to nurture fresh talent. Zong is giving an opportunity to the fresh graduates on how to succeed and make a mark using their talents.

The tagline of this whole program is “Journey to the Best”. It is an 18 month program which includes Job Rotation, Training, Coaching and Mentoring. This enables the youngsters to get a knowhow of corporate culture. They get acquainted with office jobs, roles, responsibilities and the whole corporate system.

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Main Information on Graduate Trainee Program Zong

The branch in which Zong is hiring is Sales & Marketing, Engineering and Information Technology.

The criteria required for hiring is:

Age 26 or less at the time of hiring

Fresh graduates required in fields of Telecom/Electrical/Electronic Engineering, BBA/MBA, Bachelors or Masters in IT.

The minimum GPA required is 2.7.

Work Experience should not be more than one year.

Important notice: Apply before May 21, 2017!!!

50 Graduate Trainees were hired by Zong in previous year as well. They were from renowned universities from various fields including engineering, technology, marketing, sales and procurement.

Zong believes that the youth of today is the leader of tomorrow. So these leaders in making that is our future should be trained accordingly. The hiring of graduates is done through a fair and transparent manner and then those hired graduates are groomed through a developmental plan.

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