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Graphics Processing Unit Market Will Cross 67.6 Million In 2020

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The use of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU’s) also known as Graphic cards or Video cards have seen an enormous increase in the usage. During the past decade the use of GPU is continuously increasing but the market of GPU is seeing a sharp shift from using separate/discrete GPU’s towards using Integrated GPU’s in the past few years.

The integrated GPU becomes the integral part of Central Processing Unit (CPU) of a computer or Mobile device. This makes it much faster, reliable and optimizes better performance. The global market of GPU’s has been expanding fast and expected to reach 67.61 Million in just 3 to 4 years.

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The growing demand for GPU is due to the user interference, consumer electronics manufacturers are focusing more on enhancing user experience through the use of integrated graphics processing units. End users are more inclined towards having high-memory GPU’s in their systems, both these developments directly affect the demand of GPU’s more than ever before. The report published by Infiniti Research Limited claims that this increasing demand is due to the shift in consumer demand. Because everyone now needs higher memory Graphics Card in their systems, laptops and mobiles.


Although, consumer demand is the key to market growth of GPU. But the real growth in GPU market is not merely due to increase in consumer demand, it is actually like a two-way traffic, on one side there are manufacturers who appeared to be in intense competition in mobile, tablets and laptops market. These producers are always trying to win the race in enhancing the user’s experience. Moreover, the software developers do the same thing when they develop PC games, Apps and other software. On the other side the end user who has an intense desire to experience the graphics just like a naked eye.


According to the Research Report the Key players in the Graphics Processing Unit market like AMD and NVIDIA. Are expected to grow more with these assurances. These vendors will enjoy increase in market share and profits in the next coming years. The report also suggests that there will be more demand in gaming consoles and PC gaming during this era.


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Image via: comboinfinito