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5 Powerful Social Media Tools for Successful Campaigns

Social Media Tools

Internet has become a necessary part of our lives and playing an important role in marketing as well. Social media marketing strategy becomes more effective when you start using social media tools in it as they assist you in getting positive results and also inform you about your progress. The article will discuss 5 important social media tools that will boost your social media campaign.


Mention is an amazing tool that lets you know about the mention of your company’s name on any site and in any language. Keywords and business name leave a significant impact on the social media marketing. Knowing the people who are mentioning your business name and  its cause will help you in targeting your audience and improving your strategy. Mention analysis your performance and connects your social media profiles with the dashboard. It enables you to engage your different websites without switching from one to another site. The use of the tool is very easy while you can judge the performance with the help of free trial.

Social Media Tools


Now say goodbye to boring and same content and generate unique and interesting content with the help of Tint. A dashboard appears when you sign up. After adding the content in the dashboard, you can change its colors and fonts. It’s necessary to engage your social media profiles with the tool to directly share the edited files on them. Understanding the dashboard is quite easy and all the process done with a few clicks. In other words, Tint is a way that saves your time and makes changes in the content effortlessly.

Social Media Tools


Pixabay serves you in a situation when you want to share a post immediately and need a relevant image for making your post effective. It has 720,000 free stock images that you can use and engage your social media audience. Your searching skills work for you and you can get more relevant and interesting images by adding right keywords in the search bar. The search can also be done with a particular image size, color, and orientation. Similarly, thousands of free videos are also available on Pixabay that you can use on your social media posts and convey your message in an emphatic manner.

Social Media Tools


Poor customer service results in customer lose. A rapid response to customer queries and providing them instant relevant replies shows your professionalism and concern to your clients. Cayzu gives an opportunity to reach your customers and provide them a high level of customer support. You will be notified as soon as the customer will mention you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. After getting notified, you can rightly respond and remove any ambiguity or answer the asked question. You get all the mentions in help desk tickets and you can respond to tickets via your Cayzu dashboard.

Social Media Tools

Sprout Social

Social media campaign is a very effective way to converge the audience, but at the same it’s very time-consuming. Sprout Social helps you in managing your social media campaigns and lets you manage all social media channels from one platform. The presence of content calendar collaboration tool gathers the entire social media team at one page and give them access to manage different channels without jumping from one to another. For the ease of the user, Sprout Social provides you several reports like group reports, task reports, trend reports, and Twitter comparison.

Social Media Tools

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