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Greenland to shut down its fixed network in 2022

Greenland will end the fixed network by 2022. the operator of the network Tusass has confirmed that. The state-owned company believes it is the right time to do so and it’s not necessary anymore to hold on to the old landline telephone. According to the state-owned operator Tusass also known as Tele Greenland, there are several factors in the demise of fixed networks in Greenland. Alongside the old technology and the fact that there are no more spare parts, there are economic motives. According to Tusass mobile telephony, as well as IP phone calls have long outpaced those using fixed connections.

The news the telecom giant Tusass would like to end the fixed line that runs through Greenland is not a new idea. Tusass had previously confirmed the move in January. In flat Greenland the emphasis is upon analog tech, that was employed to connect major cities along the coast. Information graphics on broadband expansion: fibers could be a huge opportunity that is not yet explored “The story of technology development in Greenland and the astronomical records in increasing data usage by 2,000 percent from 2017 to 2021 is not just the story of a people yearning for more and more Internet, but also a story about the consequences of the spread of broadband around the world – and in Greenland -,” said Tusass CEO Kristian Reinert Davidsen on the massive renovation.

Technologies spare components are absent

“Tusass will be saying goodbye to landline phone technology by 2022. Similar to old cars that no longer have spare parts, we’ve reached the point at which there aren’t any fixed phone technology spare parts available in Greenland. It’s a significant decision to let go of fixed-line technology as well as an example of the changing times” The press release about the status of the abolishment reads.

More countries could follow suit.

Tusass believes that by 2022, the days of landlines and telephony would end – all over the world and not only in Greenland. “As a result, spare parts are no longer manufactured worldwide and maintenance is impossible. All countries must get rid of their landline telephones”.

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